Commercial Pressure Washing

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As a business owner, it is imperative that your customers and clients get a positive impression of your building within the first few seconds. Determining things that will persuade their impression one way or the other will include things like how clean is the outside of your building? When was the last time you had commercial pressure washing services? How clean is your parking lot? Does your parking lot have more oil spots than the mechanic’s garage floor? If so, it may not be very appealing to your customers. In addition, the automotive fluids can do a number on the blacktop in your parking lot. Leaking automotive fluids from the cars of either employees or customers can lead to holes forming. Once these holes begin to form, everyday use will escalate the deterioration process. Additionally, the longer the parking lot is permitted to remain unclean, the more chances of additional damages. Once the holes and cracks form, as it rains, the rain waters can seep under the parking lot or sidewalk and create a lifting. Once this process begins, it is often impossible to repair without complete replacement.  Through our commercial pressure washing services, we can help eliminate the issues that environmental forces can bestow upon your vulnerable surfaces. 


Additionally, when it comes to the overall appearance of the exterior of your commercial business, most cities have very specific ordinances that explicitly lay out what is expected of your business. Having a dirty exterior can not only be damaging to your sales flow, but it can also be detrimental to the environment. With a parking lot that is covered in automotive fluids, these fluids can flow to the drains when it rains. This puts all of those washed away fluids into the water supply. Additionally, the stains and streaks on the exterior of your building could be caused by mold and mildew growth. This means that you are exposing your customers, clients, and employees to potentially harmful irritants. Just as there are laws protecting the environment from chemical leaks and to keep toxic debris from being thrown into the wind, there are often laws that determine exactly what you must maintain when it comes to the exterior of your building.

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Commercial Pressure Washing

Are you a business owner who loves the high-quality cleans we have delivered for your home and you’ve been wishing for a professional cleaning service that can do the same for your store? You’re in luck! You don’t have to settle for a random pressure washing company you don’t already know and trust. We can help. Wash America does not limit our amazing services to only home cleaning and pressure washing. Our team of power washing experts is also on your side for commercial power washing and window cleaning services. That’s right. Wash America offers cleaning services for your business as well! Your home looks great after our team delivered our high-quality home cleaning services, why can’t your business look just as great? Now it can! 

Our team at Wash America offers you and your business commercial pressure washing services for all your exterior cleaning needs. Just like the outside of a home, the exterior of your business’ building can become discolored and stained over time. From pollen to fresh-cut grass and dirt, Mother Nature used many things to attack your building and create a mess. Wash America is here to help you take back control of your business’s exterior and fight back against Mother Nature’s messes. Even the sidewalks around your store building can be affected by Mother Nature’s messes. When she attacks, your sidewalks can become stained and discolored. That can be very unsightly and some customers may even turn away from businesses with uncleaned exteriors and walkways. With our cleaning services, your whole exterior and the walkways around the building will be deep cleaned and looking fresh and customer-ready. Instead of customers running from your business due to dirt and grime they will be running to tell all their friends how clean your store is, leading to more traffic for your business and more money for your wallet.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Wash America also offers high-quality commercial gutter cleaning services for your business. Gutters aren’t just attached to houses. They come in all shapes and sizes on many different types of buildings. Many commercial structures also have gutters and downspouts. A downspout cannot carry the rainwater away from your building if it is clogged with leaves and other debris. If the rainwater cannot be successfully carried away from your building, it is possible that ponding can happen and that can cause damages to your landscaping. Depending on how your building was constructed, and if there is a lower level that is partially underground, you may even experience flooding. This can be a huge problem in a household environment and it is an even bigger issue in a business one. Flooding can ruin merchandise, destroy foundations, and ultimately shut down a store entirely. There are lots of things to consider when it comes to your specific structure and building layout. Give us a call today, or fill out one of our contact forms, and one of our specialists will be in contact with you so that together, we can exceed all of your needs. We can help you determine exactly what style of commercial cleaning service you need and get you set up with the best clean your store has ever seen.

The Wash America locations all over the US pride themselves on being the highest-quality commercial window washing company you will find. Our highly-trained and experienced commercial window cleaners from all of our locations have the skills and tools necessary to take your windows from dusty and hard to see through to streak-free and dazzling. We have all the commercial window cleaning services you and your business could ever need. When customers walk by your store they want to be able to see in. They want to see if you are open, some of the items you have inside, and how busy you are before they walk in. If your store’s windows are too dirty to see through, some customers will walk right on by. Even losing one customer can be harmful to any business, this is why a clean exterior and clean windows are a must. Rather than attempting to find the extra time in your already busy schedule, or hiring a company, you don’t know and trust, call us. Wash America can take care of your store’s windows for you, the right way, and let your customers see why your business is worth checking out.



Graffiti Removal Done Right

Graffiti can be a beautiful piece of artwork, in the right setting. Most business owners do not want graffiti on their buildings, especially if it is vulgar or crude words and drawings. It can be a bad first impression to new customers walking into your business. Graffiti can also be very difficult to successfully remove on your own, but don’t worry. Wash America has the graffiti removal services you need. Don’t waste your precious time attempting to scrape and scrub the graffiti off your building. Your to-do list as a business owner is longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall. Let us take that off your to-do list for you. We have the tools and the skilled team of commercial cleaning experts to take care of any size writing or drawings on your building that need to be removed. We can take care of that for you while you worry about the other intricate details of owning and running a successful business. 

Whether you need just a graffiti removal service, a commercial window washing service, one of our commercial pressure washing services, or a combination of more than one of our services, Wash America is here for you and your business. With us by your side, your business will be looking better than ever before. When customers walk up to the door, they will be stunned by the beautiful clean of your building. When they ask how things got so clean, you can let them know you have a team of commercial pressure washing magicians on your team who can turn back time without a time machine and clean houses and businesses back to the way they were in the beginning. 

Whenever you need our commercial services, all you need to do is give us a call or fill out the form. Need a service that we haven’t mentioned? Go ahead and call us. We may be able to help you with your needs. We specialize in the situations that no one else wants. We love a challenge! No job too big, no job too small. Our team of experts will bring new life back to your structure. Stop operating in a run down, depressing structure. Brighten it up! Give us a call NOW and let us help you clean up your commercial property before the city starts sending you notices. Thank you for checking us out. We look forward to doing business with you.