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soft wash roof cleaning

Your roof can be one of the dirtiest areas of your home’s exterior because many people forget to wash up there or have no way of reaching those hard-to-reach surfaces to clean in the first place. This does not mean, however, that the roof of your home does not need to be cleaned often and properly. It most definitely does and that is where we come in with our special Wash America roof and gutter cleaning services. With our expert team of pressure washers and our high-quality cleaning supplies, we have the ability to give your home the roof wash services it needs to turn back the clock and make your roof look brand new again. 

I am sure you have seen the houses or buildings that just look sad. They may have dark or black streaks, possibly some green mixed in. Some of these structures also may have discolored roofs. Oftentimes, the roof discoloration is ignored. Do not ignore roof discoloration. Roof discoloration is often caused by environmental forces such as dirt, debris, and decaying plant materials that have been allowed to remain on the surface. Once the decay process begins, various acids are formed. These acids begin to eat through the roof’s surface. This will create holes that eventually will allow water to seep through. Once this water begins to seep under your roof, the expensive damage begins. Most roof leaks can go undetected for months. This is because holes in the roof typically start out as a microscopic hole that only lets a few water droplets in. It only takes a few droplets of water to begin mold growth. The stains that you see on the outside of the building are growth from mold, mildew, algae, and decaying plant material. Depending on what building material is used will determine the proper cleaning method for your roof. 

Most people will attempt the DIY method. Picture this: Saturday morning, and you want to wash your roof. You have decided that you are going to just do it yourself. You have bought the chemicals that you think are the best ones to use. Now, you have to drag out the ladder, HOPE it is tall enough to reach, and begin the climb up to your roof. You will have to either develop a system for getting your equipment to the roof with you or carry it all up by hand. Now, it’s a couple of hours later, and you have not started the roof washing process. So you turn on the pressure washer. However, do you know the proper PSI to use? More importantly, are you familiar enough with a pressure washer to use the proper PSI and NOT lose your balance and fall? Yearly, thousands of people are severely injured because they chose to use the DIY method for services when they should have called a professional.

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Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Your roof deals with all of Mother Nature’s daily tortures so that your family, and the rest of your home’s exterior, don’t have to. Every time it rains or snows your roof keeps you and your family dry and helps keep the rest of your house’s exterior safe and dry as well. When Mother Nature sends heavy winds your way, your roof keeps tree branches, leaves, and other debris off the rest of your home’s exterior and out of your living room. Our roofs protect us from many things Mother Nature tries to throw our way, but sadly, they do not get rewarded for the things they do for us every day. Not the way they should. We don’t clean our roofs or have them professionally cleaned as often as we should to keep them in good working condition. It is time for that to change. With Wash America on your side, it can.

Wash America gives your roof a much-needed and well-deserved special makeover. With our soft wash roof cleaning services, you can take your dusty roof and revive it to its former glory. Your roof will finally be rewarded for shielding us from the effects of Mother Nature’s temper tantrums. For our roof cleaning services, our expert team utilizes special cleaners and pressure washers that are gentle enough to protect your home’s roof from damages during the cleaning process but also intense enough to get up all the layers of dirt and grime that have built up over time. 

Instead of searching “roof washing near me” 1000 times until you give up and call the first business you found who may or may not give a decent clean, give us a call first. Here at Wash America, we deliver top-level cleaning and roof pressure wash services. The best of these services you can find in your area, in fact. Once you see how clean your roof is when we are done with our cleaning services, you will never want to turn anywhere else for all your roof cleaning and house exterior cleaning needs. You won’t have to! Add us to your contacts and give us a call anytime you need us. Whatever services you need today, tomorrow, or next year, we are here for you and will help you tackle any mess Mother Nature threw at you.